TimeJS Morning
TimeJS Afternoon
TimeJS Evening

What is TimeJS?

TimeJS is a jquery plugin that lets you create a time based design. It contains three daypart options; morning, afternoon and evening. TimeJS has the ability to check the current daytime and change your design to the design that fits with the time of the day.

How to use?

TimeJS is easy to use and fully customizable.


  • Variable
  • Morning
    (empty) (?)
  • Afternoon
    (empty) (?)
  • Evening
    (empty) (?)
  • dayPart
    "morning" (?)
  • autoPlay
    false (?)
  • autoPlaySpeed
    15000 (?)


Can I use timeJS for free?

Can I ask for a new functionality?
Yes! Use Github

I need help!
Send me an email or visit Github.
Don't forget to add a link to your demo/example website!

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